Artefact is a collection of olfactory experiences that document select locations and time. It involves the process of curating scents that are native to environments by blending of essential & aromatic oils that are found on location to simulate the sense of being there.

Artefact archives information in a unique way of scent as the sense of smell is the only sensory system that is linked with the same area of the brain network where emotion is rooted and new memories are formed. Therefore the engagement with the archived scents have the ability to evoke an accurate feeling authentic to the location.

Scent doesn't create a mood, it dredges up a memory, associated with the mood. The odour alone has no personal significance until it becomes connected to something that has meaning. Memories are build from a reservoir of events and encounters. Scent has direct access to evoke those memories in a vidid, transforming way. This can often happen spontaneously, with a smell acting as a trigger in recalling a long-forgotten event or experience. No other senses have this kind of deep access.